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Participants and Contacts

Projects and organizations were created to raise awareness of the San Francisquito Creek watershed through community education and outreach activities and strengthen the community's connection to the creek. This creek has a long history of preservation efforts. Restoration activities include creek clean-ups, exotic-species removal, and planting watershed-specific species. Organizations such as the San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority (JPA) and San Francisquito Watershed Council were created to bring together people and groups who are interested in the protection and restoration of the creek. The San Francisquito Creek Stewardship Project, which is sponsored by the San Francisquito Watershed Council, provides classroom presentations, school field trips, and community-service opportunities for businesses throughout the Peninsula and South Bay.

U.S. Geological Survey

Herman Karl
Chief Scientist, Project Coordinator., (650) 329-5280

Alicia Torregrosa
Decision Support Laboratory Coordinator, 650 329-4091

Robb Kapla
Project Scientist, Task Leader., (650) 329-4263

Connie Hoong
GIS Specialist, Website Designer., (808) 587-2427

Other Organizations

San Francisquito Creek Joint Powers Authority
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Pam Sturner, Executive Director

San Francisquito Watershed Council
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Phil Chang, Coordinator and Project Director,, (650) 962-9876 ext.304
Web site: San Francisquito Watershed Council

Jim Johnson, Stream-keeper, (650) 364-3768

Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative
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A collaborative, stakeholder-driven effort among representatives from regional and local public agencies; civic, environmental, resource conservation and agricultural groups; professional and trade organizations; business and industrial sectors; and the general public.

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