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Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst

Have questions about the tool?

Email Jeanne Jones jmjones@usgs.gov with questions about using the tool.

Email Jeff Peters jpeters@usgs.gov to be added to a contact list for updates and training for the tool.

Email Nathan Wood nwood@usgs.gov with questions about the methods and science.


Why can't I download the tool?

The tool is an ArcGIS extension which can only be installed on a Windows PC. If you are visiting this page on a device with a small screen, the tool download has been disabled. Please revisit this page on a PC to download and install the tool.

What is it?

The Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst is an ArcGIS extension that estimates how long it would take for someone to travel on foot out of a hazardous area that was threatened by a sudden event such as a tsunami, flash flood, or volcanic lahar.  It takes into account the elevation changes and the different types of landcover that a person would encounter along the way. 

What is new with the tool?

Oct. 24, 2014

The latest version of the tool, EvacAnalystInstaller_20141023, is available by clicking on the DOWNLOAD TOOL button.  The tool is now compatible with ArcGIS 10.3.1 and has improved error reporting. Please uninstall the old version before installing the new version.

What does it do?

The Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst produces maps of pedestrian travel times to high ground for every location in the threatened area (hazard zone). If provided information about where people are located in the hazard zone, the tool will also calculate counts of people at different travel time intervals and generate graphs and tables of the results. The tool can also be used to examine the potential benefits of vertical evacuation structures, which are buildings or berms designed to provide a local high ground in low-lying areas of the hazard zone.

Evacuation Analyst travel time map Evacuation Analyst results graph
Landcover map (left) and pedestrian evacuation time estimate map (right) Ocean Shores, WA. A graph comparing pedestrian evacuation time estimate for Ocean Shores and Aberdeen, WA

Evacuation Analyst workflow

Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst workflow

How do I use it?

Download the user’s guide for details on the steps necessary to run the modeling. The workflow chart shown identifies the basic steps in the modeling process. The tool was used to generate the maps on the Tsunami and In the News tabs of this website.

How was the tool developed?

The tool is an ArcGIS extension that combines a Python geoprocessing toolbox with a C#/.NET 4.0 user interface and is designed for ArcGIS 10.1 SP1, Advanced version.  The tool also runs on versions 9.3 and 10.2.

Evacuation Analyst tool tips

The Pedestrian Evacuation Analyst toolbar
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